Friday, March 06, 2009

On a helpful note

This sign is in the same building, in one of the stairwell landings:

I like to think of BLOBBY as a sort of reminder to keep climbing those stairs instead of taking the elevator.

An unpleasant development

This has been up for over a week on our floor at work, so we have been forced to go up a flight or down two flights. No sign that anything is being done to remedy the situation either.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Browser sociology

I was impressed by the amount of periodicity in these two graphs of browser reach, both worldwide:

and for Europe:

I downloaded the worldwide numbers and cooked them up in a spreadsheet to find that the weekday 68%/26% split between Internet Explorer and Firefox distinctly shifted to something like 66%/27% on weekends. The numbers appear to be a tiny bit more enhanced for the European browser users.

My hypothesis is that the jiggle of a couple percentage points can be attributed to people who are required to use IE on their work computers going home to use Firefox on the weekends.

How geeky is that?