Saturday, September 02, 2006

A mix of ideas from the unconscious

I woke up with this dream this morning.

The beginning of the dream is lost, but for some reason a group of us were in Montclair on some errand, visiting a thirtysomething guy I vaguely disliked because he reminded me of a difficult customer I had had. At the end of our business he asked where we were going next and we said Uigur Ave. He got excited and said that that was a great sledding hill and that he took his kids there all the time. This dream was set in summer, however.

We drove to Uigur Ave, which was a narrow street with a pronounced slope, and someone produced a small mechanics creeper about the size of a garden kneeler and rubber on the top. Somehow a number of us got on the creeper on our backs, luge-style. We went down the hill, across a small bridge over some water, and up the other side, at a somewhat sedate pace actually.

At the top there was a serious-looking young girl with dark straight hair who asked if she could ride as well. Even though we agreed, we went into the back door of her house where her immigrant parents were sitting in the kitchen, not very surprised by our arrival. We went through the house and took a wrong turn into the girl's bedroom, which was spotless like everything else in the place.

We left by way of the front door and a little way down the street was a huge church with a gigantic golden steeple the shape of the Empire State Building. The clock struck and a mechanism made one side of the steeple open, a panel the size of a billboard, and there were some flat icons of Christ and the Apostles animated moving to music. On the façade of another building was a large screen showing a menacing-looking man in black robes making some kind of speech. Beneath the steeple on the grass was a severe-looking boy glaring at us, making me think that we probably should not laugh and make fun at the farcical puppet play going on.

Sometime during this the dark cultish leader came out and handed out paper cups to drink, but I hesitated.

Well, it was more of a nightmare than a normal dream I would say, though I think the church steeple with drop-down animatronic display might be a workable idea.

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