Friday, April 06, 2007

Electromagnetic wear

So I grant you that one can buy bras and pants, shoes, neckties, and shorts. (The magnetic "chi-belt" just confuses me.) What about

  • Magnetic teddies, cummerbunds, or corsets (for therapeutic use)

  • 60-cycle gloves and mittens

  • Electrostatic earrings which would naturally stand away from one's face, an a Van de Graaf fashion.

  • RF-emitting wristbands, Wonder Woman-style

  • A superconducting neck pendant might just barely be feasible, assuming one has a supply of liquid nitrogen for the dewar.

  • Tesla coil cufflinks

At least somebody has reportedly developed a laser monocle which I imagine to look a bit like this:
Locutus of Borg

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