Wednesday, May 02, 2007

One holy, Catholic, and apostolic cellphone

Lest one think from the previous entry that I concentrate only on other cultures' religious artifacts, here's one from my very own. Catholic Mobile has the right idea, but they ought to consider a few other ideas in their marketing to tie in the two concepts on which they are based:

  • Plans structured Novena-style., in which you get a reading every day for nine days (or one every First Friday in a row maybe).

  • Forty Hours' Devotion, with litanies and readings sent out every hour over a weekend.

  • Speaking of litanies, they could make them interactive, where they send out the antiphon, and the user would then send back the response. It could get kind of expensive if the phone is on a per-message charge rate structure though.

In my opinion,Universalis already has access to the Divine Office via mobile phone sewn up, however, so there is little sense in trying to compete there.

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Two Towers,
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