Friday, July 20, 2007

My take on the story of the day

Bullfighters are people who fight bulls, right? Well, I think that dogfighters ought to be people who try to take on man's best friend in the ring.

To make it something like a fair fight, the dogfighter should be equipped the same way as his opponent - claws and teeth only. Anything less equitable would seem to me to be cowardly.

Evil dogs.
Evil dogs.,
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marywheeler said...

Fascinating and depressing. I totally agree about making the fight fair -- this was one of the premises behind my idea that man should eat higher on the food chain. Another possibility would be to have only the very, very naughty dogs be pitted against one another. Like gladiators.

RichM said...

I'm not sure I'd want to eat any animal killed by electrocution, somehow. Killing creatures considered guilty of killing would be a matter of revenge, mainly, unless we also play up the deterrence aspect by advertising to those other species how bad an idea it is to misbehave.

When I make a salad out of dandelion greens picked from our lawn (we don't spray), I like referring to it a "weed salad."

I blogged about extreme carnivorism a few years back and that post still gets a decent number of hits now and then.