Sunday, September 16, 2007

Denotatively bankrupt

The other day I went to the bank for some help.

"I have a question about my High Performance Money Market Account," says I.

"Surely, sir, what is the question?"

"I'd like to know why it is that I am getting $0.80 a year in interest when I think I should be making $80 instead."

It turned out not to be a data entry error, as I'd hoped, but a pitiful 0.04% APR for deposits under $5000. And if you want to crack the 1% rate of return, you have to put no less than $10000 into the account.

To her credit, the bank representative agreed with me that the cash might be better off stuffed under a mattress.

This, by me, is a sorry way to use the term High Performance and worthy of being mocked. Here for any marketer with the chutzpah to embrace the notion is my list of that choice of words extended to other areas:

  • High Performance Windows - panes made of opaque black glass in frames that do not open.

  • High Performance Perfume - a small flask of water with a vaguely swampy aroma

  • High Performance Air Conditioning - a damp and stale whisper of air, roughly at ambient temperature

  • High Performance Camouflage - white fabric with black piping

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