Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fake book covers

When you're out in public reading something you perhaps would rather not be associated with, it might come in handy if you could slap a paper jacket around you reading material to camouflage what you are doing. Maybe you're a writer or undercover investigator and want to disguise the notebook you are using to write down people's words or actions. Or maybe you just like the way books look on your coffee table, but haven't seen something sufficiently eye-catching to fit your decor. I propose a line of almost-real book covers that look nearly convincing enough to pass as the real thing.

How about Sappho's Guide to Grilling on a Budget?
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PDF version
Classy, huh? Simply get it printed out on legal-size paper (or maybe A3), trim as needed, and fold it around your book.

Oh, and by the way, it's chicken (courtesy freeimages.co.uk).

In the same series:

  • The Prom Queen Wore Poplar

  • The Webster Subversion

  • Tau is for Toxikologos

  • Living is the Lure You Can do Least Without

  • A Child's Garden of Virtualization, and my favorite

  • God Ran Over My Neighbor's Dog (And Made It Look Like I Did It Myself)

If you're dying to see one of these, let me know in the comments and I'll see what can be done.


marywheeler said...

Nice!! I gave my friend Kathy a self-help book on procrastination once and, thinking that was a pretty embarrassing thing to be seen reading on the subway, I made a book cover for it that said, "HARD CORE PORNOGRAPHY" -- I just did it by hand with Sharpies on brown paper, though -- this is much classier!!

RichM said...


Now I want to do a pulp novel version of "HARD CORE PROCRASTINATION" with lurid jagged balloons saying things like "Promise after promise dashed!" and "Her ex's one asset she could never throw away!"