Friday, May 30, 2008

Column 4

Here in New Jersey we had our Presidential primary months ago (it seems like longer, really), but we still have some legislative contests yet to be determined at the party level. Some are statewide, some are according to Congressional district, some are countywide, and then there are the scores of those down at the weedtop level one step up from the grassroots organization. It is here that I find myself, somewhat unexpectedly.

A while back, maybe a year or so, I was appointed to some time ago to fill a vacancy as a local representative to the Democratic county organization. A few times a year we were expected to come down to a meeting and cast a vote for matters of local interest, in the evening when people are back from their real jobs. The problem was that the club for our town had a problem finding anyone else to fill the position, so I agreed put my name on a petition to continue my role for the upcoming term. Since I never stood election before, I somehow thought it was going to be another formality.

So I was surprised when we received our sample ballots this week to learn that my name and my wife's were listed. Down at the bottom, there.

As before, the duties are minimal, there is no pay, there is no prestige, and precious little thinking involved. We are not superdelegates and don't expect to be getting phone calls from Washington. But still! we want the votes this June 3rd, just because. Should any matters of great significance arise I promise to give them all the attention they deserve (and what does one have to give besides attention nowadays, when it comes right down to that).

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