Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What passes for a movie review

I was IM'ing with my buddy D the other day and this transpired:

(6:23:58 PM) me: I did go to see Iron Man this weekend tho

(6:24:04 PM) D: How was it?

(6:24:38 PM) D: The comment I heard was that, unlike many superhero movies, the lead character is not a teenager/young adult trying to fit in.

(6:24:45 PM) me: Worth a matinee price. Robert Downey Jr: good. Jeff Bridges: pretty good. Mrs. Coldplay: did not have much to work with.

(6:24:58 PM) me: No, he's a CEO.

(6:26:01 PM) D: We definitely need more entertainment that helps boost the self-esteem of insecure CEOs.

(6:27:02 PM) me: I kept wondering whether it will get released in Germany under the name Eisenmensch

(6:27:18 PM) D: Everything sounds more sinister in German.

(6:27:23 PM) me: Eisenmann sounds like a person of the Jewish faith.

(6:27:41 PM) me: But he does turn into a mensch in the 2nd half

(6:27:56 PM) D: Is mensch German, or Yiddish?

(6:28:04 PM) me: Probably the latter.

(6:28:59 PM) me: Someone pointed out that Puccini's Madama Butterfly seems completely different if you refer to it as Frau Schimmerling instead

(6:29:00 PM) D: Superman was Ubermensch in Niezsche. He wasn't Jewish.

(6:29:09 PM) me: Oh, that's right.


Jacob Freeze said...

Hey Rich...

Not exactly apropos of this particular post, but I saw your caption on a "worst caption for a New Yorker cartoon" contest...

"Aren't you supposed to be surfing the internet, cartoon dog?"

It was the only one that made me laugh!

RichM said...

From February 2007! Well, if it made you laugh, then it had to have been a failure.

robotguy said...

Iron Man - For every 10 year old boy who thinks he can be Batman, there's a senior engineer who thinks he can be Tony Stark - Carol Reiley

RichM said...

Well, it is true that Iron Man is a name that an engineer would come up with. Marketing would have come up with something harder to spell and easier to copyright.