Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manipulation for fun and profit

apple core duo
apple core duo,
originally uploaded by sidknee23.
In this story idea of mine, Thomas H. wakes up one morning with a sense of things having changed somehow, which is confirmed by him in the bathroom when he discovers that he now has two navels and can feel two hearts beating side-by-side in his chest, whereas before he can nearly swear there was only one. He goes in to work and sees things that he is accustomed to seeing singly have been doubled: tree trunks, dogs' tails, the suns.

He does some investigation on the side which takes him to some dark places and comes to the conclusion that the maker of the world in which he is a construct had decided on a whim to split things down the middle one night, just to see what would happen. Far from being dismayed by this knowledge, Thomas H. uses it as inspiration to create his own virtual world where random items differ from the world around him by having a four-fold split, including a virtual Thomas H. whose reactions he observes avidly.

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