Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shouting fire in a crowded blogosphere

At the tenth
At the tenth by Danny on Zooomr

At Problogger there's a competition for the best blog post title. Here's my list of suggestions - titles only, no posts yet.

  1. When the redhead said 'jump,' I jumped

  2. Psst! A time traveler has a business proposition for you

  3. It's not just for date rape anymore

  4. How to crochet your own parachute

  5. Awesome video: Chuck Norris vs. Dick Cheney!!!!

  6. Become an A-list blogger the lazy way

  7. In defense of the N-word

  8. Something naked this way comes

  9. Spoil your baby for success

  10. Learn to grow something I'll just call 'grass'

If one of you out there appropriates one of these, writes a post, and enters the comments, I would appreciate a note in the comments. (Especially if you win.)

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