Sunday, August 17, 2008

Urban finger

Dan's Head
Dan's Head,
originally uploaded by Canadian Veggie.
Has someone thought to promote the use of foam hands flashing gang signs yet?

Some signs, particularly the two-handed sort, are rather contorted, hampering the user's ability to handle anything at the same time. In fact, the slot in the bottom of the hand cutout might be a useful thing to have access to out on the street, it seems to me. With the right sort of cutout, one could even fashion it as an open carry accessory of a sort.

The foam and imprinting would come in red, blue, and gold, to appeal to the broadest number of customers.


John said...

i wouldn't be a very good gang member because i can never contort my fingers into those goofy signs so please send me an application to the Foam Finger Gang. i can do the peace sign but that seems counter to the whole gang culture...

RichM said...

Not to mention the difficulty of keeping one's trousers from falling down all the way when worn beltless. Perhaps the FFG could have color-coordinated suspenders too.