Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another car improvement

While I'm going on and on about how cars can be made better, I thought of one more annoyance that can be remedied along those lines. Usually, though not always, I arrive in my car someplace and have to unload some items I have with me. While I'm turning to pick up what I need, usually the driver's side door that I've opened slowly, then more quickly, swings shut on its own, sometimes narrowly missing crunching one of my limbs. Usually I have to say a bad word and kick the door back open with my foot, and if I'm on a hill I might even have to hold it there to make my exit. It seems to me that there's a better way to do this.

Doors could instead have a ratcheting mechanism to help hold them in whatever position one opens them to. The pawl holding the door in place would be released by the user by means of a button on the inside door handle or by the outside handle itself. If one does not like the crikkk sound of a ratchet, it could also be just a friction latch that has pads that press against the rubber surface and are released in the same way as the pawl. I can see that this would be especially useful for those with motor disabilities who might not want to deal with wayward doors on top of the other aspects of getting in or out of a vehicle.

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