Thursday, August 24, 2006


According to Wikipedia: "Other names in English for the symbol include: about; ampersat; asperand (not to be confused with ampersand); ape; apothrope; arroba; arobase; cabbage; cat; cinnabun or cinnamon bun; commercial symbol; cyclone; each; mercantile symbol; schnable; scroll or scroll-a; snail; strudel; vortex; whirlpool or whorl." I have never used or heard any of these myself, and I think it disgraceful that such a ubiquitous symbol has no universally accepted name.

My suggestion is ATPERSAT, on analogy with ampersand (from "and per se and").

My other innovation is the inverted version of this symbol ("natpersat?") which one would use to designate email addresses which no longer work. Here's an example of its usage.

Update: I see that my atpersat idea was already done. Alack! But at least the Guardian called the coinage elegant.

Natpersat: still as far as I know, mine, all mine.

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