Thursday, August 10, 2006

Brews for the 21st century

I was sitting on a NJ Transit bus yesterday for two hours trying to get into NYC and needed something to pass the time. This is what I came up with, up till the time that the rumbling and jolting upset my guts so much that I had to stop typing on my Treo.

Beer Names

  • Lembas Lambic

  • Fu Manchu Export Brew

  • Danelaw Golden Ale

  • Rinpoche Tulku Lager

  • Cruel World Bitter

  • Paradox Black and Not-Black

  • Birnam Wood March Porter

  • Elven Promise Entdraught (with HGH)

  • Thief in the Night Rapture Red

  • Holy Oak Latesummer Wheat

  • Redshift Classic

  • Reichskristallnacht Hefeweizen

  • Nantucket Chowdah Dahk

  • Darkside Obsession Stout

  • Cerveza Especial Dos Mamas

  • Dr. Bronner's Semi-Cogent Light

None of which, of course, may be carried on any US or British air carrier today.

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