Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I scream

Ice cream names:

  • Enriched Uranium Scumble

  • Light Sweet Crude Gorefeast

  • Marmite Menthol Sabayon

  • So Tart Cardamom Rumble

  • Dirty Marzipan Fluff

  • Fancypants Cracknel Aggregate

  • Kind of Sloe Persimmon

  • Himmliche Zuckerbrust Indulgence

  • Long Tail Central African Republic Obbligati

  • Isinglass Realgar Jawbreaker Freeze

  • Killer T-Cell Restorative Blast

  • Supercharged Pinenut Grandee


mary wheeler said...

Oooh! I love some of these. Is it just your brain, or are you using some kind of generator?

RichM said...

It was the influence of that slow, slow New Jersey Transit bus that did it. Though I must admit that this generator was an inspiration as well.

RichM said...

Oh, and Mel Gibson too, for that "Himmliche" one.