Saturday, October 07, 2006

Carnival of carnivals

I have only slowly become aware of the blog carnival meme, wherein links on a particular topic or theme are solicited and collected by an organizer, then published on a blog of the organizer or of one of the participants. The first Carnival (Carnival of the Vanities) is still going after four years, but many others have had trouble establishing themselves and have been allowed to die off.

Undeterred, I present my own list of proposed blog carnivals:

Carnival ofTopic/theme
VenomInvective and abusive postings.
Copyright ViolationIllegal downloads, scans, rips.
Self-Absorbed AngstCris de coeur from everyone's inner adolescent.
SpawnPictures of your children or grandchildren.
Inappropriate BehaviorScenes from all yesterday's parties.
Ironic ForeshadowingPostings by people who plan to commit sensational criminal acts.
Is This Thing On?Your very first blog post.

My apologies if any of these have already been done.

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Martin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have now fixed the link.