Saturday, October 21, 2006


True fact: I don't like fireworks. It isn't some kind of delayed September 11th thing either, I just have not been a fan of loud bright exploding things for a long time now.

So if there are other people who share my dislike (and I think there might be), why don't they take an idea from the people who produced the latest Sony Bravia ad and have colored non-toxic dye displays instead? No worries about things being set on fire, at least, and I think one might be happier not having the possibility of premature detonations. They would work best in the summertime where the colors could show off to best advantage, or else at night with lights and lasers playing through the streams.

I know that harbor cities sometimes feature spectacular fireboat displays, but I think the addition of liquidy charges going off at the top of the jets as in the ad is a nice touch too.


pupski said...

sounds like a lovely idea - I do like fireworks, but I am scared of them too!

RichM said...

Oh, let's you and I start a company to do this, and when we've made a fortune we can each retire in luxury!