Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rothko cocktails

Originally uploaded by Jacky The Ripper.

I was thinking about colored drinks recently and the subject reminded me of the Mark Rothko exhibit I saw at New York's Whitney some years back. This classic tequila sunrise looks not too different from Rothko's Orange and Yellow

Orange and Yellow
and I thought that it would be an interesting theme party for art lovers to have pousse cafe style cocktails which reproduce some of his other work. For instance, White over Red looks like cream over grenadine, float some blackberry brandy over the top and you've got Purple-Red-White. Not that I'd want to down either of those, but this is art!

To show off the drinks to their best advantage, one could steal an idea from Peter Hewitt and devise tumblers with rectangular flat plate glass sides.


Shover Robot said...

hmmmm looks like something I might try :)

RichM said...

Do that and let me know whether it comes out.

There's a list of drink ingredients with colors and specific gravities in Bartending for Dummies, by the way.

Kelley said...

Rothko drinks - that's brilliant! It merges two things near and dear to my heart: art and alcohol. :)

RichM said...

Enjoy both responsibly.