Sunday, October 29, 2006

Is the Senator ready for his catchphrase?

I was listening to this week's On the Media and heard the story about the speculation about Senator Barack Obama's possible presidential aspirations. It included a mention of the supposed Kennedy connection, which led me to coin a one-word moniker which I offer to the Obama loyalists if they want to run with it...


I was shocked to find it in circulation neither on Google nor Technorati, at least not yet.

Update: The word has gained some traction, though we're still talking only about 300-400 hits in Google here. Took them long enough. Also, someone has grabbed the .com domain and someone else the .net domain, though neither one has put any content up at this time. I guess they are probably waiting till after the Iowa caucuses.


marywheeler said...

I can't believe you haven't purchased the domain name yet! Go get busy!

RichM said...

Well what a surprise, it isn't in fact taken. Unfortunately I don't know what kind of content I might devise to put on it, so I'll pass for now.

The site also suggests the following available domains:,,,,,,,

You-ram-a-lot? Good grief, how did that get overlooked?

RichM said... appears to be parked at this time. So now it will cost you. still looks golden, though.