Friday, November 24, 2006

4309200 domain names for profit

[Changing the title because of a change in my script: formerly it was just 4237500 domain names...]

Daily Blog Tips posted a list of some 200 prefixes and suffixes for domain names.

One of the most effective ways to find a free domain name that is relevant to your site is to grab a keyword and add prefixes or suffixes to it, until you find something unique. Suppose you want to launch a blog about marketing, all you have to do is pick the word marketing and start adding prefixes like “”, “”, “” or suffixes like “”, “” or “”.

So I took these lists, mixed them with the top 50 searches at Lycos, threw in a few popular TLDs, and spiced it with some simple JavaScript to produce this tool [new window] for your consideration. I also threw in a domain lookup so you can see whether someone's already reserved your creation.

I look forward to reading about your winners in the comments. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to register and make millions.

Update: Now the script lets you choose whether you want prefix, suffix, or both. Thanks Daniel!

Another update: Corrected the links to my other site, which has changed hosts.


Kelley said...

That's awesome.

RichM said...

Note that is actually in use, having been registered by a company in Vancouver. That's in a valley, right?

Daniel Scocco said...

awesome tool,

would you be able to make it use either a prefix or a suffix at a time, but not both contemporaneously?

that would be very good also

RichM said...

You've got it!

Daniel Scocco said...

thanks man,

check out some of the domains it generated:

very nice indeed

RichM said...

When you say "nice" I think "frightening"... (!)

I'm disappointed the Web 2.0 Logo Creator seems to be dead now. It would have been nice to integrate that into my script.

Even nicer would be to have a way to scrape Google News for recent headlines and grab those as the base name of the URL. That would require something like real work, however. But it would not be out of the realm of possibility to put another field on the form so that the user could provide their own input - so that if I want to generate names based on PoorKevinFederline I could supply that part and have it suffix it as normal.

Anonymous said...
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SEO said...

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Jocuri said...

Great list, thanks !!!

Jocuri said...

Thank you for the list, it's great !

Jocuri said...

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Shoaib said...

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