Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gift idea #1 - vaseline glass

Vaseline glass in Hawley, PA...
Vaseline glass in Hawley, PA...,
originally uploaded by NJ Artist.
[This is the first in a planned series of holiday gift-giving suggestions.]

The picture shows one of the largest vaseline glass in the country. The glass gets its characteristic yellow-green color from uranium oxide, and, as a consequence, is mildly radioactive. What better way to tell your loved ones how much you esteem them than to give the gift that emits alpha particles for years and years? And such a topical gift as well! Especially thoughtful if the recipient owns his or her own geiger counter.

Update: Neatorama posted a very similar item the same day I did. I swear I didn't steal the idea!

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Kelley said...

That is really cool. It makes me want to...drink absinthe from it, or something.