Friday, December 01, 2006

Gift idea #2: Extraterrestrial life

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According to CBC News: A meteorite that crashed in northwest Canada almost seven years ago might have been able to host the very earliest life forms. And yet you can buy chunks of planetoid over on eBay with little trouble at all. Wouldn't any gift recipient be thrilled to be the first to own a sample of a completely unknown (and possibly virulent) microscopic life-form?

As further proof, I think this etched bit of meteorite looks like the inside of a Borg ship on Star Trek.


Kelley said...

I am really wishing I was on your holiday gift list. No one ever thinks to give me alien microbes or radioactive stemware.

RichM said...

Stay tuned, I have more off-center gift choices coming.

But I did get you something. You'll find it over on the sidebar.

Anonymous said...
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