Friday, December 08, 2006

Non-seasonal greetings

It's the time when we are much wrapped up in greeting cards here, so I started thinking of non-Christmas cards for a change of pace. I came up with this romantic number (click on the image to open a printable PDF version in a new window.

Updated: corrected link to pdf.


kerewin said...

These gift ideas are cracking me up! I like this much better than all those other gift lists people are making.


Kelley said...

At this point, I think I will print that out and mail it. Who knew it would be this difficult to find a picture that flatters myself, my husband and the dog?

RichM said...

I know, I was in the drugstore yesterday trying to pick out a Christmas card for my wife's twin sister and having a very difficult time of it. I ended up with one with a restrained picture on the front and way too many words on the inside, being the only one which wasn't too jokey or squirmworthy.

I think my friend Vanita's picture of two store dummies might make a good card too, what do you think? What can I say? I grew up in San Francisco after all.

Kelley said...

Absolutely; go with that. It is the Season of Love, right?