Monday, December 18, 2006

For the record

I saw this edgy biohazard-themed laundry bag at Realm Dekor and thought that while this was cool (along with their shower curtain and bath towels, they really should have pushed it a smidge further and put the crab-symbol thingy on other household items.



Major appliances:

(I thought the bright red would be a nice touch as well.) You could either intend it ironically, or as an actual service to your houseguests. One also might want to accessorize and expand on the theme with a nice set of Petri Dish rugs.


Kelley said...

Omg, that's awesome. I want them all.

RichM said...

Maybe I should be thinking bigger: a Biohazard College Dorm

Leslie said...

Okay, I'm thinking I need to remodel my kitchen in the Biohazard theme!