Friday, December 15, 2006

More on TV shields

Since I first blogged about the problem of fragile television screens last August, the problem has gained a lot of notoriety owing to damage sustained by players of Nintendo's Wii system. Of course, with these kinds of hazards, you have to have protection while the TV is on, so a fancier flying-object countermeasure (one that flips up in a fraction of a second? sonar activated? diamond-coated screens?) would be necessary. These gamers are flinging their handsets with some considerable force to be able to shatter glass that way, so a namby-pamby plastic film is just not going to work. Maybe we just have to rig up some anti-bombardment armament so an expensive TV can defend itself in a fair fight.


Kelley said...

TVs in metal cages! How cool would that be? We could market them for the hardcore gamer.

Okay, now I seriously want to put my TV in a cage, just to see how people would react. Maybe I'll make a prototype with a rabbit cage or something...

RichM said...

Or maybe big Lexan cubes, Wii-proof and bulletproof both.

Did you see the one about the female gamers who were playing Nintendo tennis and broke a chandelier? Really hardcore (and tipsy) gamers need ruggedized living spaces in fact. Or they need to make the remote handsets out of Nerf foam.