Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sterilized for your convenience

I was looking at this transparent German knife block at about the same time I was reminded of Laura Splan's Blood Scarf and devised this hybrid.

The red fluid would be dyed grain alcohol, sealed into the space between the clear acrylic panels, which would serve to help sterilize the cutting edges as well as providing the festive color accent. You would fill the thing with a big syringe, which you would also use periodically as the alcohol evaporates.


Kelley said...

That's awesome! Also, have you seen this knife block at ThinkGeek?

RichM said...

Why yes I have. Very much in the spirit of Stick Figures in Peril, a subject dear to my own heart.


Mist said...

I can't spare any grain alcohol.

RichM said...

Well perhaps some high-proof undrinkable type of liquor. There is such stuff, in my opinion.