Monday, December 18, 2006

Rubikation reprise

The tactilely-enhanced Rubik's cube should, I think, be in greyscale, don't you? That way, the sighted spectators would really have to stare at it to know whether it was solved correctly or not, whereas the blindfolded solver would just know.


Kelley said...

When my aunt was a child, she briefly created a sensation in her small town. Someone had given her a Rubik's cube at a dinner party; she carried it to another room, and returned a few minutes later with the puzzle solved. Amazed, the guests asked her to do it again. She again carried it off, and returned a few minutes later with the puzzle solved a second time. Everyone thought she was some sort of prodigy.

She confessed to my grandmother a few days later that she had simply removed the colored stickers and rearranged them in the "solved" pattern.

Leslie said...

Rich, this just made me laugh and laugh.

And OMG - Kelley, I did the same thing! I was a Rubik's cube cheater! My parents were ready to call the local newstation or something when I felt guilty and confessed.

RichM said...

Devious minds! Think how much easier it would be with an all-gray cube - you would just need to dirty up the ones that are too light or rub out the ones which are too dark.