Friday, December 01, 2006

Gift idea #3: Brains

Can I Pick Your Brain?
Can I Pick Your Brain?,
originally uploaded by Nick Nick1.
In this information-heavy culture, it is rare that anyone would pass up any opportunity to boost the ability to deal with the complications of the world. Your thoughtfulness will surely be remembered for years and years to come when you give the gift of brain. Even if they are only sheep brains (try as I might, I was unable to locate a reputable establishment selling the Homo sapiens variety), this formalin-preserved item is still chock-full of folds and neurons and those other kinds of things which make your gift recipient uniquely human. Or conscious. Or whatever they happen to be.

You may want to pick up extra brains, just to have on hand for special situations other than gift-giving.


Kelley said...

I wish human brains were available for purchase. I'm looking to upgrade.

RichM said...

I thought the conventional wisdom was that guys don't go for girls with brains.

I'm assuming they've nixed the sale of these in the human variety (at least eBay does not let you buy or sell body parts). So it seems the only way to obtain a fresh set would be to send out your personal Igor, the old-fashioned way.