Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Alternative Moon names

Did you know that there's a name for each full moon? I certainly didn't know about the existence of names beyond the old "hunter's moon" and "harvest moon," or that there were variations in the naming.

I came up with my own suggested list of names for this year:

  1. January 3: Full Sobriety Moon

  2. February 2: Full Steroid Moon XLI

  3. March 3: Full Take The Storm Windows Down Moon

  4. April 2: Full State and Federal Moon

  5. May 2: Full International Conspiracy Moon

  6. May 31: Free Extra-Special Bonus Moon

  7. June 30: Full Are We There Yet? Moon

  8. July 29: Full Spiked Lemonade Moon

  9. August 28: Full Back-To-School Specials Moon

  10. September 26: Full Talk Like A Pilot Moon

  11. October 26: Full Goblin Turkey Moon

  12. November 24: Full Who Let The Dogs Out?! Moon

  13. December 23: Full Shopper's Freak-Out Moon

You are welcome to print this out and stick it to your refrigerator for handy reference.


Kelley said...

Ha! I'll pencil these into my calendar, although I do think you should have kept Full Worm Moon. That one stands the test of time.

RichM said...

That one did stand out for me. It seems to me that a full worm is one less inclined to get away from the early bird, right?

Roswila said...

Fun, Rich. And accurate, I've printed for my reference. :-)