Monday, January 29, 2007

It's my birthday?!

Today I logged into Distributed Proofreaders to discover that it was was my birthday. Birthday - that's not for another couple months...? Then I noticed the numeral "4" next to my user ID and figured out that it was my DP birthday they were talking about, and that I must have signed up four years ago today, which sounds about right. Although with the redesign of the workflow, I have gone back to being a relative newbie in the scheme of things. That fits, because by their having called it a "birthday" instead of an "anniversary," I now feel like a four-year-old.

Brown & Pink Birthday Cake
Brown & Pink Birthday Cake,
originally uploaded by PinkCakeBox.

Pretty cake! Maybe I should have it scanned in so it can be proofread.

Why doesn't my ISP, to whom I actually give money, send me a greeting on the date I began service, which puts the year count up there in the double digits now? After all, one cannot really feel to have been born unless one has internet access. The telephone companies, the cable company, and the water company might well in on the act as well, to help inspire customer contentment. Perhaps because the customers would start to expect gifts and good customer service and things like that.


Kelley said...

It slays me when I get holiday cards from, like, the dentist or a realtor or something. I think Baskin Robbins still offers a free cone on your birthday, though.

RichM said...

I've actually sent those myself - an attractive 12 month calendar suitable for sticking onto one's fridge. Got me zilch in sales, though, so I didn't do it again after that year.