Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I stuck my hand in my pocket the other day and found that my pass for the gym with the optical barcode on it had fallen into two pieces.

That's the new card they issued me underneath the old one, which had been sitting on my keyring maybe seven years or so now.

My old membership number: 0038 (I'd actually signed up before they opened their first facility)
My new membership number: upwards of 16000

I wish I could say that this is reflective of the dramatic physical changes brought about by three- or four-times weekly trips to work out. (Especially now that they changed the spin class schedule so I had to drop that particular agony.) Perhaps if they had instead a biometric scanner to identify their members, a sort of gate like they have at airport security, which would look at your weight and physical appearance as you entered, one could visualize the change wrought for the positive and the negative.

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