Wednesday, January 24, 2007

EzBake Tandoor

When I read about the Dorkbake (via Boingboing), I got to thinking about how one might construct an Indian-styletandoor heated with a light bulb.

The idea would be to have a large thermal mass around the clay liner (a flowerpot?) and lots of insulation around the thing to hold the heat in. Since there's no open flame involved, as in traditional wood-fired tandoor ovens, during the preheating phase it might be good to hold in some of that heat by covering the opening of the pot with an insulated terra-cotta saucer. Stick a teeny-tiny grill in the bottom of that thing and some insulated tongs to insert and remove the food and perhaps the thing might work!

Sadly, when I scan the standard ingredient list at Dorkbake, I don't believe one could produce a decent tandoori-style dish with the kind of things you'll be given. One could use the bison cuts, tenderized, to pass for beef, but without yogurt, curry powder, turmeric, and so forth, the seasoning is just not going to be all that it ought to be. Oh well, I don't have the wherewithal to make a trip to LA anyway at this time.


Kelley said...

"How to Survive a Robot Uprising"


Anyway, hmmm... Pulling off Indian cuisine would be challenging, but I am thinking there are brilliant things to be done with the "squeezy cheese".

RichM said...

I'm thinking "Squeezy Cheez and Gizzards" would be a good name for my new robot-techno band.