Friday, February 16, 2007

Battling bible verse PDA

An item about the demise of the four-legged chick (an actual bird, as in chicken, that is) reminded me of the issue of problematic biblical verses (see item b on the list) and revived this idea I had of a handheld device which would help in the sometimes difficult task of defending Scripture. You would type in "four-footed fowl" on the little keyboard, and it would search the Web wirelessly to demonstrate the existence, non-existence, or scholarly thought on the concept, so that you could use that as ammo in your debate.

Better yet, if one is fighting with someone else who is citing chapter and verse, you could input the reference into the program and it would search its own concordance of Scripture to give you the diametrically opposed argument out of the Bible. This would eliminate the tedium of having to actually listen to the argument and recall to mind the contradictory position yourself. I would want to make sure that it also had indexes for other works (The Origin of Species, the Qu'ran, the Book of Mormon) so that it would have the widest possible impact.

I've looked, very briefly, and have not found existing software with this precise functionality for Palm or Windows. I would call it iZealot and make sure that I trademarked it before Apple thinks of the idea.

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Kelley said...

iZealot, I love it.

One of my teachers in high school - an older, though quite fiery woman - told us that she used to invite the Jehovah's Witnesses into her home just to argue with them. That always struck me as a little mean, but very hilarious and sort of called for. I assume she was trying to convert them to something too, so I guess they deserved each other.