Sunday, February 11, 2007

Smell my ride

The item in the New York Times today about scented tires made me think that they should be developing other nicely-scented automotive products as well.

Since vehicles running on biodiesel can smell a little like French fries, or Chinese food, maybe we could have tires that smell like ketchup or soy sauce to go along with them. A little essence patchouli in the motor oil of an old broken-down VW minibus might be in keeping with the esthetic, and maybe one might appreciate it when having to follow behind a diesel truck if it smelled like, well, Diesel. Save the spring flowers for the rubber in the windshield wipers I say, as they have to fend off the March showers.


Kelley said...

I missed that article - that's hilarious! I suppose if people are willing to spend money on custom rims, they can probably be suckered into buying scented tires. However, if my mechanic tried to sell me scented tires, I'd be looking for the hidden camera.

RichM said...

Congratulations for having commented on my 100th blog post here!

If they can place odors into the rubber in tires, can they put fragrance in anything made of rubber? I am referring to chicken-scented rubber chickens, naturally.