Friday, February 02, 2007

A hack for a Harry Harrison fan

A brass rat
Liquid stainless steel
A stainless steel rat


Kelley said...

I confess, I had to read Harry Harrison's Wiki before it made sense.

Did you see the "stainless steel" cabinets in that video? Hilarious. Now I want to go buy a rotary phone and paint it. Or maybe an abacus. Or a Pinto! There are so many great potential applications...

RichM said...

Yes, I suppose the SS Rat predates your time by a bit.

With this product one can do great good or great evil. A stainless steel iPod? A stainless steel Chinese food box? How about a cheapo version of the Tiffany bubble wand mentioned by Mighty Girl?

marywheeler said...

I was very happy to see this entry just because I do remember the Stainless Steel Rat -- I used to love his books and kind of forgot about them.

It's kind of like you have the poor man's midas touch, or maybe the high-end kitchen designer's midas touch.

RichM said...

So you and rats go that far back, huh? Imagine that.

I think this liquid stainless steel stuff could serve a lot of functions in a crafty way, don't you. So did you ever get set up with etsy to sell your things?

marywheeler said...

Ah! Actual enterprise -- so banal. Sigh. Well ... I did set up a shop, but have yet to post anything yet. I really should, though. Thanks for the reminder/encouragement.