Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tag your furniture

I heard Ruth Brown on the radio yesterday singing If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sittin' On It and my thoughts naturally turned toward furniture. You can buy fabric spray paint to use on upholstery (thus putting a new twist on the term sofa painting), and it seems to me that with the proper tagging skills, one could produce some interesting art furniture.

Sit back and think of Mick.
What would you spray on your sofa?


Kelley said...

From the website, it sounds like they are actually proposing spray painting as an alternative to re-upholstery. Yeek.

(Though your Rolling Stones couch rocks.)

RichM said...

Thanks. I have a friend who has a full size arena poster of the logo up in his warehouse, a cool thing to have snagged. I think the Prince symbol would work well too, but that tongue on the seat is something which I would love to see.

Greg said...

Wow what a work of art. I have used that paint before on my van. It works pretty good and dryed soft.I got it from

I wish i saw that before i painted my interior. definatly more creative than what i did.

RichM said...

Well, you know, the picture is simulated digitally. I do not actually have one of these on hand - and if I did, I think I would probably be looking to put it up on eBay.

Let's see a picture of the van!

Anonymous said...

i would rather paint than re-upholster! it costs too much to buy new material. if i could paint my old futon i would take it out of the basement. it used to be black not gray.- rich

Anonymous said...

so was the seat painted at all??? i'm confused? i want to do this. where did you find the idea?

greg said...

The van was just done solid color. it blew up about a year ago and is sitting in my parents yard. The interior looks new.

Next van I am going to paint the seat parts each different colors and maybe make a stencil for the headrest.

I don't think that couch was done with the simply spray paint. It looks too perfect. As I remember the spray came out wide angle like.

RichM said...

Sorry if anyone feels tricked by this - you will note that the tags on this post actually do mention the program I used to illustrate my idea.

I took a picture of the Stones logo from the web, distorted it in Paint Shop Pro, then superimposed it on a picture of a black sofa. If you look closely at the picture you can see where things didn't work out quite right - I spent maybe a half hour on this little project in all. It's the same kind of process I used to mock up the picture for my previous stainless steel rat post.

In real life, I think I would think about cutting stencils of the design you wanted and spraying through those, rather than trying to freehand a pattern. That's a little easier I think than trying to do the same thing with an airbrush.