Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Art with broad appeal

I read about the Maserati covered in shattered glass via The Cellar and thought that an artist over here should buy a car from an DEA auction (like the Porsche 911 Turbo described here) and cover it in thousands of hypodermic needles. If it is possible to get thousands of crack pipes without too much trouble, you could bust these up and sprinkle some of these on too. People will love it either because of the free speech aspect or because of the anti-drug angle. Or because there's a hot car underneath!

hypodermic needle 1
hypodermic needle 1,
originally uploaded by Tim Newbery.


Kelley said...

If it is possible to get thousands of crack pipes without too much trouble

That's hysterical; I can just imagine some artist poking around the seediest areas of a city trying to procure them. It's kind of interesting, though; I'd never considered who exactly manufactures crack pipes.

RichM said...

In the quantities needed, I had imagined that one would need to go to the authorities and ask (nicely) whether you could have some of the paraphernalia they have seized as evidence once they were done with it. Most likely, the artist would have to give some innocent-sounding explanation. Like, what are the police going to do with used crack pipes anyway?

Although I did happen upon this item about crack pipes from mini fake roses on the Web. That would be a nice touch, to put these on the car with the tiny little flowers still inside, and maybe a dusting of...something crystalline? Miracle-Gro? Maybe throw in a few bullet casings too for contrast.