Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ubiquitous displays

How long will it be before this digital clock/table shows up in a movie or on TV?

And how much longer before electro-luminescent technology will have become so completely universal, incorporated in the workplace, at home, and in public buildings, that this will start to look terribly date, like those old 1970's LED watches that once seemed so futuristic? I envision

  • Desks with calendar displays

  • File cabinets with automatically updating contents listings

  • School lockers with the student's names and (officially sanctioned) animated graphics on display

  • A bar with a display on the front depicting the lower part of the skeleton of the barmaid moving around along with her

  • Ads on fast-food trays in place of the little printed paper sheet that you usually see, offering prizes if the customer plays a game
It's only a matter of the economies of scale catching up to the desires of the market.
(Via cribcandy)

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Kelley said...

It really upset me for awhile when I first heard about the sand plows with advertisements on them. Seeing "Coca Cola" rolled over the sand on the beach seemed profane, almost...I guess I'll save my battle for when they want to tatoo things on the moon. That's definitely not cool...