Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My rebus won!

David of Ironic Sans had two Joost invitations to give away, so he set up a two part contest for his readers. I posted my movie-themed rebus and won part II! (Mouseover the link if you need a hint on what it means.)

Have a rebus to share? Post a link to it in the comments. Maybe I'll do the same. Just don't put anything up that looks like you're sending encoded messages to a terrorist cell which might attract unwanted attention by the authorities. (Hmmm.)

I shall give Joost video-on-demand beta a whirl and post something here about my impressions. You can find out a little more about Joost over at Ironic Sans or by doing a search. And if I need to give away any invitations, you'll find out about here on the blog.


Leslie said...

Congratulations on your award! And great rebus.

RichM said...

Thanks! Until this came down, I did not fully appreciate the lack of rebuses in everyday life.

Bill Reinhardt said...

Nice job, Rich! I was the winner of contest #1 -- and I agree about the lack of rebuses. I loved your rebus-- and it would have even worked with my original idea (i.e. using "joost" in the answer! Way cool.

RichM said...

Hey, thanks! I tried pretty hard to think of a movie which had that sound somewhere in its name ("Juiced" is a little too obscure, I think).

So...maybe I'll check and see if there's some more Rocky and Bullwinkle up on their site now.