Sunday, March 04, 2007

Things I've said recently which would have been incomprehensible 25 years ago

  • "Where did I leave my computer?" I was rushing off to an appointment and had mislaid my laptop temporarily. Back in the old days, we did have personal computers, though only luggable in the most generous sense of the term.

  • "They left their two Bobcats in our driveway." ...and then came the rain
    The neighbors are putting an addition on the back of their house and we have agreed to let them use part of our property to bring their equipment through. Because of the recent rain, we have about 15 yards of mud that gets tracked through the kitchen now.
    The Bobcat(tm) line of small earthmoving equipment does not quite go back that far.

  • "It keeps doing that whenever I'm not wearing the Bluetooth." Because of the hands-free cell phone laws here, I spend a good part of the day with a headset stuck in my ear, which mostly works fine. But when I do take the thing out and my wife calls, we often seem to get into this thing where the phone thinks it should be picking up from the headset instead of the built-in speaker, and she can't hear me, even though I can hear her. Twenty-five years ago a good many phones I used still had dials on them.

  • "I was thinking it might be a good time to buy some more Chinese stock." I was at my doctor's office and the subject of the recent market downturns came up, and I mentioned the possibility of an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. The only Chinese stock we knew about back in the old days was usually made with chicken and ginger.

  • "I haven't had T'ang-T'ang noodles in years." We were at a restaurant at the tail end of the Lunar New Year celebration, having the traditional noodle dishes. I'd have this dish at the old Joyce Chen's Small Eating Place in Cambridge regularly, though they were called dan-dan noodles.


Leslie said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how quickly things become commonplace. It's wild to look around at the things we use everyday and consider how long they've actually been available to us. When I think of the world my daughter knows - one with cell phones, laptops, DVRs - and the one I've known, it's astounding.

RichM said...

I heard the other day that Natalie Portman had to be shown how to use a record player, never having played an vinyl record before.

RichM said...
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Kelley said...

I remember our family's first had a small screen with green text. It seems primitive even now; I can only imagine what my future kids will think!